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Our activities

Our main activity: helping farmers to become owner of a zebu, a pig or a dairy cow, thanks to your Solidarity Savings Plans (PEZ).

We receive so candidates breeders, talking about their needs, their environment, their activities and income. We agree to a timetable settlement (monthly, quarterly or at harvest time ...).

They seek an animal. We check its papers to see if it is in good standing.

And we are discussing the price with the owner.

Once agreement on price, we buy the animal and sign the sales contract with the farmer.

Then comes the hard work: monitoring the animal. Check if it is healthy, well treated and well fed. And also ensure the recovery of regulations whenever possible (no economic crisis, no hurricanes, no cricket or drought or floods ...).




The other part of our work,
is of course to receive you, dear zebuphils, when you come to caress the rump of your pet.
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PEZ : 6387
Sieczkowski - Manaly et Laurent
PEZ : 2885
PEZ : 922
Pleimelding - Jean-François
PEZ : 2746
DUFORESTO - Brigitte
PEZ : 6341
Dupuis - François
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