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MADAGASCAR les tresors de l'ile rouge../videos/zob-madagascar.mp4

Reportage echappées belles../videos/reportage_echapees_belles.mp4

Reportage ZOB - 2006../videos/Reportage_ZOB_2006.mp4

Reportage ZOB ARTE 2000../videos/Reportage_ZOB_ARTE_2000.mp4

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Form for opening a Solidarity Savings Plan (PEZ)
To be completed and send by e-mail by clicking the "Send" button
or mailing address:

Z.O.B. BP 69, 110 Antsirabe, Madagascar
I want to open a Solidarity Savings Plan (PEZ)

(Optional) I want to offer it to:

>> 300
>> 600
>> 100
>> 1200
>> 80
>> 300

We can not guarantee the sex of
your zebu or pig, it will depend on requests
peasants. If you really a preference
thank you to write it in the comments.
  • By submitting this form, you agree to the General conditions
  • A Certificate of Ownership and a picture of your animal will be sent to you and your animal's photo will be published on our website
  • News from your favorite animal available upon request by e-mail to

Means of payment

1) Bank transfer:

Regulations to carry out the order of: ZEBU OVERSEAS BOARD

Bank details:
Malagasy Bank and the Indian Ocean (BMOI)
BP 193
Antsirabe 110 Madagascar

Account No. 00004 00006 020441 011 46 Rib 32
IBAN code : MG46 0000 4000 0602 0441 0114 632
Swift code : bmoimgmg

2) Check:

Send the check to the association "Zbuphile" (
Espace Sainte Claire, 10 route de Vence, 06 570 Saint Paul, France

3) Paypal:

For a secure payment online (credit card) via the partner site of the Association "Zbuphile" france, Click here

Zebu Overseas Board (formerly Bank):
Tel. Office: + (261) 20 44 492 04


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PEZ : 6221
Pannetier - Carole
PEZ : 6269
Chabreuil - Fabien et Patricia
PEZ : 6266
Boidy - Jean-Marie
PEZ : 2700
MATHIEU - Gérard
PEZ : 945
Messmer - Stéphan
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